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This three-year-old top beauty trend is still the best beauty secret for the New Year

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Yes, we're talking about skinimalism. And yes, you need to try it. Again.

2022 is around the corner, and we know what you’re thinking: should I bother making plans? With the past two years we had, it may be best to err on the side of spontaneity. Yet, when we consider a spontaneous approach to skincare and wellness, we need more structure. Unless you have a normal skin type, where acne breakouts, blemishes, and other superficial skin issues are scarce, a skincare routine is always the best route to go for optimal feel and look good[ness].

That is why today, we want to teach you how to structure a skincare routine that will work best for you in 2022.

What is skinimalism?

With most people sheltered-in-place, and otherwise not engaging in many social activities over the past two years, skinimalism was one of the best skincare routines to follow. This top beauty trend emerged towards the end of 2019 and has not let up since.

It sounds like what it is - a minimalistic approach to skincare. With skinimalism, you use fewer products as part of your skincare routine. Instead of splurging on skincare products because your favorite skinfluencer posted about it, you are more prudent and invest in skincare products that target the skin issues that you have.

Therefore, if you struggle with hyperpigmentation or other superficial dark spots, skinimalism dictates that a product such as Up the Ante Skin Brightening Serum is best for you. Why? This plant-based serum packs a mean punch, boasting 20% vitamin C, a natural ingredient proven to fade dark spots and brighten an uneven skin tone. Similarly, if you want to be more proactive in the fight against premature aging, skinimalism calls for you to use a product such as In the Trenches, a restorative daily-use moisturizer that is rich in alpha-hydroxy-acids, and other ingredients that fight the visible signs of aging.

4 steps to building a skincare routine that is right for you

Now that you know we are still aboard the skinimalism ship, here are four steps to follow when building a skincare routine that works for you:

1. Know your skin type

There are five universal skin types and they have nothing to do with ethnicity or race. They are normal, combination, dry, oily, and sensitive skin. Genetics influences these skin types, so you cannot change them. Your skin type dictates how your skin will react in certain environments and to certain products.

For example: if you have sensitive skin, you are most likely to suffer from spontaneous inflammation when your skin meets a product that includes an active ingredient that your skin simply hates. So, before buying any skincare products, read the labels or product descriptions to find out who the product is best suited for to avoid issues in the future.

2. Determine whether or not you have skin issues that you want to address

If you don’t struggle with acne, using a face cleanser with salicylic and glycolic acids could cause more issues than you need it to. Why? These acids fight acne-causing bacteria and remove excess oil from your skin. Since overproduction of oil also leads to acne, you can understand why this type of face cleanser can be useful for someone with oily or acne-prone skin. Imagine using this type of face cleanser when you have normal or dry skin, but no acne. You will potentially create room for acne outbreaks - a problem that could have been avoided if you used the proper face cleanser! So, pay attention to the active ingredients that work best for your skin issues. They matter.

3. Follow the instructions of the product

As women who love skincare products, we tend to overestimate how much we know about them. We also tend to push barriers when we are gunning for results in a short period. Though we often get away with this, it can be problematic when you misuse skincare products with higher concentrations of active ingredients. Think temporary or permanent burns, scarring, and more. With that said, be sure to follow the instructions that manufacturers provide when using skincare products. Those instructions are put in place for good reasons, and often reviewed and approved by federally appointed organizations established to protect you, the consumer.

4. Give your skincare products time to work

Besides following instructions, you need to give skincare products time to work. Your skin renews itself every 28-30 days. With that in mind, why agonize over a skincare routine that doesn't work overnight, when your skin itself doesn't renew overnight? That's undue stress, babe, and you know that stress is a breeding ground for the uglies when it comes to skin!

While there may be products on the market that yield overnight results, you must wonder what's in them. Are they plant-based? Likely not. Similar to fast food, if a skincare product produces instant results, there is an increased chance that the product has many active ingredients that will cause more damage to your skin over time. Do you want that?

The bottom line is that there is no single skincare routine that works for everyone. For us, gentle skincare is the best skincare, and plant-based skincare products are rad[ical]. However, we acknowledge that a lot of people are open to different types of skincare products. That is why we encourage you to try a 3-4 product skinimalist skincare routine. As we go into the New Year, approach your skincare routine with an open mind, take your time, and be gentle with yourself.

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